Hello World: Introducing a blog about science and politics

This blog serves as a place where I can freely write about my two primary passions: science and politics.

Science has interested me since I was a young boy. I have always had a fascination, almost an obsession, with knowing how things work, where things came from, or what things are. I am grateful that I live in an era of human civilization in which we no longer have to guess or wonder because we have developed a system of rigorously testing possible answers until we find the correct one. That system is science. My interest in science led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. I am currently conducting research as a postdoctoral scientist.

My interest in politics developed in college. I know many people who find politics to be depressing, boring or tedious. I feel the exact opposite. I think I feel towards politics the way most feel towards their favorite sport. I have my favorite teams, my favorite players, I find myself eagerly anticipating the next big match, and I love pouring over the numbers and statistics to see if I can pull out a pattern to predict what will happen next. I am also drawn to politics because I enjoy participating in the democratic process. I love considering how various policies can address and solve problems afflicting our society. I want to avoid inserting a tired platitude here, but suffice it to say that I am grateful that I live in a time and place in which political intrigue, discussion, and participation is not limited to a few rich, powerful or well-bred men. Unlike other sports, I get the chance to influence the outcome of each match.

With this brief introduction out of the way, let’s get to some juicy content! First up, after decades of rigorous scientific research, what do we know about Autism Spectrum Disorder? I’m going to spend the first few posts delving into the neuroscience of this very interesting disorder.

Politicus Cerebri


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